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Teaching Your Baby How to Chew (and our favorite teethers!)

Even though six-month-olds lack a full set of teeth, they have the ability to chew and swallow real food. The secret to helping your baby learn to chew effectively is making them aware of the back molar space where their teeth will eventually erupt. Learn about how your baby's mouth functions safely to chew food, common mistakes parents make while spoon feeding, and how you can help your child be a more skilled eater right from the start in the video below! Don't forget to check out the links to our favorite products at the end of the post.

Disclosure: the links below are affiliate links, which means (at no cost to you) we will make a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. Check out our entire Amazon store HERE.

Note: these teethers (and more) can also be found at our Amazon Shop. 

Additional Teethers

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Happy Teething!

- Judy

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