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Parent Education

Schedule a private 60-70 minute phone session, that will focus specifically on your child's feeding concerns. This session will offer you tailored solutions, and strategies to best achieve your child's feedings goals.

What I will need: 

1. Several short videos of your child(ren)- keep them short 20-30 seconds each. Make the videos as informative for me as possible, including close-ups of their hands/mouths, etc.

2. Include behaviors you want to change, and please include you in the videos so I can help support and change any behaviors you might need support around.

3. If there are multiple children, please help make it clear which child is which ( John is wearing red), etc.

4. The sessions are best if the child is not present so optimal learning and absorption of 
Teaching practices can be heard notes taken.

5. The sessions are payable through Venmo @Judy-Delaware, or PayPal, sessions are $225.00 payable 24 hours in advance.

6. Sessions are scheduled privately through Judy at

1 Hour | $225

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