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Picky Eating Solutions

Do you have a picky eater or are you having problems at home with your child’s feeding and you don’t know what are the next steps to help navigate you and your child on their feeding journey??

You have come to the right place. Picky eating can start with infants and toddlers which just seems like a phase but more than 25% of typically developing children never grow out of the difficulties and challenges. So, it might help to know that you are not alone in this area of concern.

Understanding some basic foundations of feeding and eating with your child can make all the difference in how mealtimes flow in your home. Judy can help guide you and offer you a roadmap in family time strategies to help increase your child’s ability to sit in their high chair, stop throwing food or utensils, start to drink from a cup or straw and eat a wider variety of tastes, textures and flavors.

Judy Delaware has been treating babies and children with both medical and non medical feeding issues and helping parents understand their roles in helping their child progress on non their feeding journey. Allow Judy to help support you and your family thru private parent education sessions which coach the parents in step by step ways and ideas to help your child reach a happier place at the table.



Schedule a consultation with Judy. Let her work magic with you.

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